YOU CAN REVIEW THE FILMS HERE: Farm to Table | Heritage Chickens

YOU CAN REVIEW THE FILMS HERE: Farm to Table | Heritage Chickens

Documentary Film Production Workshop
In this extensive 3-week production course, students will have the opportunity to make a short film that expresses a point of view about local issues that resonate worldwide. Films can be personal or political, serious or funny. This hands-on course supports students’ engagement in their local community by teaching them the principles of merging everyday events and journalism with the art and skill of documentary filmmaking. Students will learn how to research compelling stories, effectively use a camera, write and record narration, and edit the different elements of the story together with graphics and sound effects using non-linear editing tools. At the end of the each session, there will be a screening party where friends and family are invited to view the completed films.

The documentary film production class is set up so students can take both sessions and make two films, each with a different topic.

Sessions will be held offsite at the Brookhaven farm of Plaza Media Arts Center’s Honorary Trustee Isabella Rossellini. The location will offer ample space for students to learn how to properly utilize the production gear and to break into collaborative groups for researching and outlining their stories. Having access to a working farm will naturally provide storylines on the environment (apiculture/beekeeping), food (organic farming), animals (endangered breeds of farm animals), business (farm stands and farm to table restaurants), and community.


  • Understand how visual and aural information communicate a point of view
  • Utilize creative and structural thinking skills to write a story outline
  • Collaborate in teams and develop effective observation, listening, and interviewing skills
  • Use video and audio equipment technically and creatively
  • Create a compelling visual story using non-linear editing tools while applying organizational, technical, and creative skills to various elements of the film (interviews, “b-roll”, music, sound effects, voice over, graphics)