Documentary classes are coming in 2017. The classes are suitable for 8-13 year-olds and are over the course of ten weeks. Each session is for three hours and is limited to 16 students.

Documentary Film Production Workshop
Students will use critical thinking skills to create short documentary films. The approach can be personal or political, serious or funny. Students will learn how to structure a compelling story, while using various equipment and editing techniques in a team oriented setting. At the end of the course, family and friends will be invited to view the completed films at a screening party.

The documentary film production class is set up so students can take both sessions and make two films, each with a different topic.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop critical and analytical skills to discern different documentary styles
  • Utilize creative and structural thinking skills to write a story outline
  • Collaborate in teams and develop effective observation, listening, and interviewing skills
  • Use video and audio equipment technically and creatively
  • Put together different elements of the film (interviews, “b-roll”, music, sound effects, voice over, graphics) using non-linear editing tools and applying organizational, intentional, technical and creative skills

Dates and time:

Dates: TBA
Time: TBA