The Plaza celebrated the 3rd Ecuadorian Film Festival on June 12 & 13. The North American premiere of Mi Tia Toty screened at The Plaza on June 12 and the world premiere of Ecuatorian Shetta on June 13.


This documentary film takes a look at the life of Toty Rodríguez, the Ecuadorian actress who made her career in France in the 1960s, a diva and feminist icon in her country. In the film, she returns to Paris with her nephew to make a film, revisit her past, and catch up with old friends in the city who changed her life.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: León Felipe Troya was born in Quito in 1969. He’s a film director, production sound mixer, andactor. His first short film, Take It! (1996) was shot in Prague as part of his studies—the 3F program of the FAMU Institute. This short participated in film festivals such as La Habana, Madrid Experimental Film Festival, and São Paulo Film Festival. His second short, Choclotanda (2000) was part of the showcase “Ecuador in Short” and was shown throughout the country.  As an actor he was featured in the short films,Tropezon (2000, Víctor Arregui) and 6:03 AM (2006, Pedro Cajigal), and the feature films, Cuando Me Toque A Mi (2006, Víctor Arregui) and La Llamada (2012, David Nieto).  The documentary, MI TIA TOTY, is his first feature as director and he is currently working on his second documentary project, La Casa De Los Arupos

Directed by León Felipe Troya
Featuring Toty Rodríguez
Running Time 1 hr 25 mins


Baltasar is going through a dry spell. Harvest time is taking too long, and this delay is affecting his marijuana business. To make things worse, his ex wife sends Catalina, their daughter, to spend some time with him. That day, Baltasar has to jump through hoops in order to please his clients and his daughter with the help of his sole partner, a white 1977 Volkswagen Beetle. Baltasar turns to Laura, an old woman who happens to be the best marijuana grower in Quito. She has a new type of weed, Ecuatorian Shetta. Shui, Alejandra, Martín, Alicia, and Ximena, Baltasar’s best clients, try it and enjoy it. Shortage and stress will bring Baltasar difficulties and emotional conflicts with Catalina. His main desire is to keep his daughter happy and to take her some day to the Galapagos Islands so she can meet her grandmother.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: Daniel Varela studied long distance at Colegio Nuevo Ecuador so that at the same time, and at an early age, he could involve himself in filmmaking. While he studied at the University of San Francisco in Quito, he began to shoot short films, which showed his interest in experimental filmmaking for the first time. In 2012 he traveled to Barcelona where he specialized in writing screenplays and wrote part of his next project, ECUATORIAN SHETTA. 

Directed by Daniel Varela
Featuring Gabriel Granja
Running Time 1 hr 25 mins