About the Instructor

Sonya Burres was born and raised in Massachusetts, and lives in Los Angeles.  As a creative storyteller, Ms. Burres is particularly committed to making documentaries. She just completed work as Executive Producer on the critically acclaimed documentary “Betting on Zero” which premiered at this year’s (2016) Tribeca Film Festival. Since completing her studies at the American Film Institute (AFI), Ms. Burres has worked as a producer, line producer and executive producer. She produced the award-winning feature, "Always Say Goodbye" and co-produced the film "Zoe".  

From 2001-2006 Ms. Burres and her two Norwegian partners operated a commercial production company, Brown Cow Pictures, that filmed internationally. She has developed and produced projects for ShowTime (including "Road Dogs" with Billy Gardell of CBS’ Mike & Molly) and Channel 4 (including the Michael Buble’s Christmas Special (2011), and writes about cinema and television for a variety of outlets.