Do you have a passion for animation and love to draw? Are you an avid comic book and graphic novel reader? Plaza Cinema and Media Arts Center's Animation & Illustration classes are open to students of all ages and artistic backgrounds who wish to explore the magic of animation, or challenge their artistic skills.

In an open art studio environment, students will be exposed to various mediums of animation, traditional and media arts. Students will be able to complete projects in a range of styles; including classical and digital animation, stop motion, fine art sketching, and digital painting. We also encourage students to bring in art projects they have previously done, or are currently working on. There is no required level of experience or skill. Each student will receive individual attention in addition to regular class lectures.

The classes are taught by an experienced animator and instructor. All materials will be provided; if you are more comfortable using your own equipment (iPad, drawing materials, laptop) that’s great too!


  • Explore different styles of animation, while learning the fundamentals of all forms of animation.

  • Create imaginative characters through sketching, or out of clay, toys, and objects from home.

  • Design characters from pencil and paper to be featured in traditional, or tradigital animation projects.

  • Create comics/graphic novels combining intricate illustrations and storytelling.

  • Utilize creative and structural thinking skills to write a story along with a story board.

  • Socialize with other artists and develop skills through interactive lessons.

  • Improve artistic abilities through constructive criticism and critique.

  • Use video and audio equipment technically and creatively.


"Elizabeth absolutely LOVED the class! So much so that she BEGGED me to sign her up for the next session which I gladly did! She is so very much looking forward to the next one! She said that it was great to have someone there to answer questions for her while she was working on projects that would normally have her searching the web. She really liked the instructor and said he was very knowledgeable and looks forward to working with him again!"
—Joanne Kaufer, mother of Elizabeth Kaufer

Classes are $210 per semester with a sibling discount of $195*. Please pay by credit card or check only. Checks can be dropped off with the student on the first day of class. Cash is not accepted. Refunds can be offered only if the request is submitted to Plaza MAC at least one week before the class begins.
PLEASE NOTE: Classes accommodate up to 12 students maximum. All students must register prior to the start of class session. We do not accept walk-ins.

DATES: 11/3, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1, 12/8
TIME: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

*The sibling discount only applies to the brother or sister of the first student registered to the class. Friends and other relatives do not count as siblings. We reserve the right to confirm that the person registered with a sibling discount is in fact a sibling.