Movie Watching is an activity that starts at a young age. The wonder and social components that come with going to the movies fills us with excitement. Now, as adults, you can experience movies with a deeper understanding of their content. Each of these classes will deal with a different film genre.


  • Think about how elements of film work together to create distinguished genres.

  • Articulate and discuss films in an analytic way to understand their deeper meaning.

  • Go over the basics of cinematic grammar, reviewing terms that adhere to lighting techniques, cinematography, sound editing, and narrative.

  • Discuss the process of critiquing and celebrating films to be able to discuss what works and doesn’t work for a particular movie.

  • Consider the historical moment surrounding each film and its influence on the genre.


Terrance Malick’s View of the World

EXPLORING: The Tree of Life, To The Wonder, and The Vessel - Malick is one the most dynamic yet misunderstood directors of all time. His films are deep works that leave a lot up for the viewer’s interpretation. Through his films we can feel great moments of wonder and awe in every frame. Through this series we will look to uncover what exactly Malick wants from his viewer and what journey he desires of us. His films are communicating to us in profound ways and we will work to uncover those ways.

Dates and Times:

Sat, Nov 16, 23 & 30 - 9:30 A - 12:30 P


Documentary as a Contemplative Experience

EXPLORING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE: Walk with Me, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - Documentary films can provide incredible opportunities to witness life through cinema. Documentary can even influence narrative film and the truth can lead us to some of cinemas greatest films. Through this series we will witness three tremendous documentary films that have influenced audiences all over the world and have influenced the entire film culture in countless ways.

Dates and Times:

Sat, Dec 7, 14 & 21 - 9:30 A - 12:30 P

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Cristian Murphy is a lover of film and education. Through his role as the Director of Campus Ministry for St. Joseph's College Cristian has countless opportunities to work with the young adult population. As well as being a Campus Minister, Cristian is also a Documentary Filmmaker. Through his production company, Dark Roast Films, Murphy has produced numerous projects and is currently releasing a documentary entitled Masterpieces which he has called a “vocational passion project”. Cristian is delighted to teach at The Plaza and explore film genres with you!