Media Literacy is a vital tool for adolescents growing up in the 21st century. With the increasing popularity of the internet, television, and advertising, people are bombarded every day with images that portray a misrepresented reality. These images include distortions of gender roles, races, mental health, and consumerism. By teaching young adults how to analyze media and unpack the messages they are receiving, they will be able to develop a better understanding of the world as a whole. 

Film is a powerful medium, and an important teaching tool. A variety of movies are being made every year that introduce youth to topics such as discrimination, body image, and the advertising industry. These educational films are key to helping them develop an understanding of Media Literacy. By incorporating these ideas and materials into classroom lessons, teachers can help their students take control of and healthily interpret the media messages they encounter on a daily basis.  

To help youth to develop these important life skills, The Plaza has teamed up with Eastern Suffolk BOCES to offer an in-school educational program. High School teachers can now request a facilitator to come in and assist in giving a media literacy lesson. This lesson, which will consist of three class sessions, includes the use of film clips, lesson plans that address common core standards, and on site assistance from our media literacy facilitator. Lesson themes center around the films we offer, and teachers can select the film they would like to use from our Media Literacy Film Library. Once the film is selected, they have the option to talk with our facilitator about the lesson plans, assignments, and other relevant information. 

Please note that all sessions must be scheduled a month in advance of the class date. 

English Classes

Films in this section include examinations of racial and gender based stereotypes that are often also explored in literature.

Health Classes

Films in this field discuss the unhealthy mental consequences of body image, advertising, and the desires of consumerism.

History Classes

These films include the distortion of politics, analysis of historical events, and analysis of the problems with modern journalism and news.

LOTE Classes

These films examine cultural stereotypes, and also highlight the individual stories of people from various countries.

Psychology Classes

These films discuss multiple facets of human behavior in regards to stereotyping and mass communication.


STEM and Business

These films explore the various areas of science, economics, and Marketing.