Plaza Cinema Field Trips

The Plaza is offering a variety of field trips suitable for grade school children to high school adolescents. If you enjoy films and believe this exceptional art form can be a fun and educational tool to teach history, social sciences, natural sciences, languages, art and culture - then partner with The Plaza.

As a cultural institution with a focus on media arts, The Plaza is developing a series of field trips.


Cinema Club

High School Students host a Cinema Club designed for the film enthusiast and those who would like to learn more about the story and structure of motion pictures. The screenings cover film from early to modern cinema. Participants experience a film chosen for its unique qualities and influences in cinema and society. Following the film there is a group discussion.

The Cinema Club is open to the general public and high school students. Interested students can obtain a pass to take a bus from school directly to the Plaza MAC.


Documentaries are a unique way to teach students about the complexities of our world covering vast topics such as science, politics and the  environment.

Interactive Animation Fest

3rd, 4th and 5th graders from River Elementary enjoy an interactive field trip where they saw the animated film BOXCAR CHILDREN (based on the franchised book by the same name), learned about different animation techniques and created their own stop-motion films.


Stage in Cinema

On December 21, English Honor Society Students from Patchogue-Medford High School will watch The National Theatre Live’s HAMLET with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Independent Foreign Films

Spanish students from Patchogue-Medford High School watch the film VIOLETA WENT TO HEAVEN, about the Chilean Folklorist and singer-composer Violeta Parra. (The film earned the Sundance Film Institute’s 2012 World Cinema Jury Prize.) 

Before the screening, guest speaker/facilitator Isabel Sepulveda (founder of the newspaper Voz Latina and an advocate for the Latino community on the East End) shared her experiences meeting Violeta Parra, and discussed the history and politics of Chile.

After the film students enjoyed Cuban food catered from Patchogue’s Gallo Restaurant.