Are you interested in renting the cinema for a private event or film screening?

The Plaza receives a lot of requests to screen local and independent films. While we love to support our local filmmakers, it is a challenge to accommodate all requests because The Plaza is a small, not-for-profit, and a single screen cinema.

First run movies are our bread and butter, and out of those recent movies that are available to us we have to choose the one or two films that have the greatest box office potential in our market. For recent releases, film distributors will not allow a “split,” which means sharing the screen with another film. These distributors also impose two-three week minimums. Despite all of this, The Plaza still has some flexibility to rent out the cinema on certain days (generally on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) during the off-peak season. There is also some flexibility to rent the cinema during brunch time on weekends. Peak season starts the week of Thanksgiving and runs through the end of February after the Academy Awards. Rentals during weekday lunch time is by far much easier to accommodate.

Plaza rental fees are $125/hour, with a two-hour minimum.

The most successful private screenings are those where the filmmaker (or an advocate) is actively involved on a grass-roots level promoting the film to a targeted audience. The Plaza cannot guarantee bringing an audience.

For inquires on theater rentals, please contact Catherine Oberg at, and please allow a minimum of two weeks for a response.